The Team

We are a group of friends who met at university.

We are nomads with a passion for design and sustainability. Moving many times during our brief careers, we realized how crucial it was for us to find a true home.

It’s not just finding a place, it is the place where you start new adventures. Where you live through the fun moments, the sad times, the good films, the lazy breakfasts, the stupid jokes, and the big dinners.

Giotto came to life to create a true home with minimum effort. To dedicate our time to the experiences we care most about, while reducing our impact on the planet.

Giotto represents who we are, and we built it with our daily needs in mind.

We hope you share our values and that you will continue to inspire others.

Learning is for us the coolest part of this adventure and thanks to all of you, we learn everyday.

We are young and we all left our careers to form a team which has become our family.

Sometimes we can be late at internal meetings but we put ourselves in everything we do, and when we do something, we do it great.

We never take ourselves too seriously: we all love Vitas, try to talk to Leo in our best Italian, help each other move Friends-style.

Before to be founders, we are friends, and when we work together, we feel at home. The place we care most about.

Meet Juliette

"Jul is never scared to 'jump into the fire', and I love it. She combines a shy face and a wonderful French accent, and I will never become tired of hearing her speak Chinese (joining her to a Chinese restaurant is very funny). She stands by me when I become stressed or bored and I can blindly trust her. I'm simply happy when she's around." - Leonardo

Meet Justine

"She is one of the creative brains behind Giotto. She majored in Strategic Product Development and has experience in C2C furniture which makes her a perfect fit for our team! Besides her creative skills and experience in the furniture industry we can call her the designer! She allows us all to think critically about the project in a positive way! Happy to have you in our team, Juske." - Laurence

Meet Laurence

"No doubt, Lolo is the sunshine of the team. She is always positive and this is priceless !
Laurence has a grounded personality. Her organizational superpower has saved us many times in the past!
She seems to always need to do something with her hands. As a matter of fact, the Covid experience made me discover another trade of hers: knitting!" - Juliette

Meet Leonardo

"Leo is one of the most hard working friends I've ever met. However, it's easy to distract him with a funny story and some good wine.

In Milan he showed me his favourite spots and they became immediately my favourite as well. This is when I knew we would get along great together." - Justine