The legend
of Giotto*

The Legend

Legend has it that Pope Benedict XI was looking for the best artist of Italy to paint his own portrait.
Many painters tried to impress the pope with their elaborate styles.
But when Giotto was asked to demonstrate his abilities, Giotto simply took a white paper and drew a circle. Just a simple, perfect circle.
When the pope saw this, he couldn’t believe someone drew this freehand, without any aid of tools, and he immediately summoned Giotto to Rome.

Our Inspiration

This legend of Giotto is an inspiration to us how
simplicity and creativity
could be the answer to complicated problems.

Be Giotto

Giotto was a creative, a traveller, and a dreamer. We dedicated the name of our company to him because we too want to create a perfect circle in the furniture industry.

Discover how we are
drawing the circle.