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Our Story

It all started with the three of us moving to three cities in one year: which meant nine new homes in one year. That’s a lot of moving. And a lot of furnishing.

Each time we noticed how difficult it is to really create a home from a new place. Every time we spent a lot of money upfront or wasted time and energy to find second-hand furniture. Every time we faced the burden of owning. And each time we looked for a solution that did not exist.

So, we decided to build it: a solution to reinvent the way we buy, use and discard furniture.

Today our homes have become our offices too. For those who don’t have a dedicated workspace, this means working on the kitchen table, sofa or bedroom. It’s not ideal for productivity, nor is it particularly comfortable. We built a solution that offers a responsible approach to these issues. Offering furniture that’s made for rental, reuse and refurbishment.

Giotto helps you work from home more comfortably, save money and avoid the hassle. 

Our Mission

We realized this wasn’t just our problem – it is a global issue with massive repercussions. The average European person moves around 6 times before settling down. Imagine what amount of furniture waste that brings along. Each year in Europe alone there is a total of 11 million tons of furniture waste. Of this 11 million tons, 90% goes to landfills and is incinerated.

Our mission is to go fully circular in the furniture industry without compromising on style and flexibility.

Our Promises

Our Team

Juliette Jaupitre - Giotto

Juliette Jaupitre

COO & co-founder

Justine Hoppenbrouwers - Giotto

Justine Hoppenbrouwers

CPO & co-founder

Leonardo Vezzati - Giotto

Leonardo Vezzati

CFO & co-founder

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