Frequently Asked Questions

Why Giotto?

Why is renting furniture with Giotto sustainable?

Fast furniture is a huge problem. Low quality products produced with no sustainable production processes results every year in about 11M tons of waste, only in Europe! It accounts for about the 4% of the solid waste produced in urban municipalities! At Giotto, we partner only with manufacturing companies that produce high quality furniture made to last, with sustainable production systems. We believe in the Cradle-to-Cradle method and in a circular economy approach. When our customers don’t need their furniture anymore, we inspect, sanitize and refurbish it to make it available to new people, reducing the impact that these furniture have on our planet.

Why is renting furniture with Giotto convenient?

Our furniture are high quality and designed with the highest design standards. We want to democratize design and we do it allowing you to pay your furniture just a little portion of their real value on a monthly basis. Save money for the experiences with the ones you love! If you fall in love and decide to buy it, we are not going to break your heart. All your payments can go to the buying, so you can choose to buy them if you want.

Why is renting furniture with Giotto flexible?

We are explorers and we never know where we will be in a few years. At Giotto we give you the flexibility you need in your life relieving you from the burden of owning your furniture. Through the Giotto services, you are free to decide later what to do with your furniture. You can extend, return, swap or buy it when you want. We take care of the rest.


How does Giotto work?

Join the Giotto Family by creating an account for free. Just select the furniture you like on the website and get it delivered and assembled in two weeks. Our customer service is there to let you choose the date you prefer for your delivery. You will pay only for your preferred the furniture and rental period. Our delivery with white glove installation services are for free.

At the end of your subscription, swap or return any items you don't want anymore, or extend and convert all monthly payments toward buyout. Get furniture without the upfront commitment, decide later if you want to keep it.

Does Giotto work with businesses?

Payments and Subscriptions

What if I want to change my furniture?

We want our customers to feel at home and we give them the maximum flexibility. That's why Giotto offers furniture changes to all our customers. 

If the trip occurs at the end of the subscription, it is free. All other furniture changes are flat-rate and cost €99 regardless of the number of items being swapped, picked up, or added. Delivery and assembly are included in this price. 

If you're interested in requesting a furniture change, please get in touch with us.

Can I get the Giotto furniture for more than 12 months?

12 months is the maximum period, but if you want to extend your rental period just get in touch with us.

What if I want to keep my furniture?

We promise no heartbreaks. If you love your items and want to keep them, we think that's great! Your monthly furniture payments can go toward buyout and you'll never pay more than retail on any item.

If you decide to buy your items before the end of your plan, you’ll simply have to pay the difference between your previous subscription payments and the retail price. 

Please note that if items are swapped, previous payments do not carry over to swapped items.

What is the buyout price?

You can find the retail price of each item directly on the product page. We'll apply previous monthly furniture payments toward buyout if you decide to purchase any item.

What if I need to end my subscription plan earlier?

To end your plan earlier than the chosen time, please contact us.

If you selected a 1 month subscription plan, we will take back the furniture but you will have to pay the subscription for the remaining month and €99 for the anticipated return trip. 

For longer periods, if you communicate your new preferred subscription period with 1 month in advance, you will not pay for the anticipated return trip. Your subscription plan will convert to a new one corresponding to the new number of months. Monthly price will adapt to the new plan and you will pay the difference between the previous payments and new expected price.

Delivery and Pick Up

Where do you deliver?

We’re currently serving only in Belgium. If you don’t live in Belgium, subscribe to our newsletter (find it at the bottom of this page)! We will let you know when our services will be available in your country.

Can I make changes to my order before delivery?

We accept most item changes up until 5 business days prior to delivery. Simply reply to your confirmation email with the changes you’d like to make and we’ll do our best to accommodate (item changes are subject to availability). Rescheduling or cancelling an order within 5 business days of your scheduled delivery will incur additional fees.

What’s included in the delivery?

We’ll provide you with a white gloves installation. Our team will fully unload and install all your furniture items on delivery day! They'll set up the furniture wherever you want and clean up before they leave. We've got your place covered!

What’s the delivery time?

We typically deliver in 7-14 business days. We always do our best to honour your preferred delivery date, which you can request when our customer service will contact you.

What happens if I move?

If you move while subscribed to Giotto and your new address is within our approved delivery zone, our team will move your furniture for €199. 

During your move you may swap, add, or remove items. 

Any furniture change will be scheduled to happen on the same day as your move and comes with the requisite fee of €99.

Can I choose my delivery time and date?

You can pick your requested delivery date at checkout and we'll do our best to accommodate! At this time, we cannot guarantee a specific delivery time in advance. Two days prior to your delivery, we will share an estimated arrival window but in the event of traffic delays or route changes we do ask that you're fully available on your confirmed date of delivery.

Should I reserve my service elevator?

Yes! If your building has a service elevator, we ask that you to reserve it for the delivery date. It will allow our team to work faster so you will enjoy your new Giotto furniture in a few hours.

Do you deliver in walks-up?

We do deliver to walk-ups, however there could be a few items in our inventory that can't be delivered without an elevator. Be sure to check the product description as you add items to your cart, and always let our team know if you're in a walk-up prior to delivery.

What if something doesn’t fit the door?

Dimensions of all of our products can be found on their individual product pages. While our teams are well prepared to manoeuver large and heavy items to fit through tight spaces, we encourage you to measure your home for all items in your order. It’s also a good idea to measure the entryway to the apartment itself. If we arrive with an item that cannot fit into your home or doesn’t work in your space, there will be a restocking fee of €59 per item.

Can Giotto take care of my old furniture?

No, unfortunately we are still not prepared to remove non Giotto items from your apartments.


Is Giotto furniture used?

Our model is circular. For this reason we strongly incentive the reuse of furniture. Anyway, many of our customers decide to buy their furniture at the end of the plan. So most of the furniture you will receive, will be brand new. The one that have been used, are very well inspected, sanitized, repaired and refinished! 

If I swap an item, will what I’ve paid toward one item go toward the new one?

No, the payments on one item won't roll over onto another item.

How does Giotto determine furniture damage?

We really care about what we do, and we ask you to take care of your furniture. 

We want you to fully love and use your furniture and we expect little scratches or wear and tear, don’t worry about that. But for any other damages that exceed a careful usage that we will need to repair, we will ask you a repair fee. Repair fees are determined case-by-case and in case the furniture would not be repairable we will ask you to pay the retail price less what you’ve already paid previously. In case of  damage, please get in contact with us

One of the item I’m returning may be considered damaged or broken. What do I do?

Contact us by sending the description of the damage and a picture/video of it. This will help us determine whether it will require a repair or replacement fee and we can help coordinate before pickup.

What if I have pets?

We love animals, especially puppies! We are able to remove fur and animal hair. As explained in “How does Giotto determine item damage and repair?” you don’t have to worry about little scratches but in case of severe damages we will evaluate in order to repair the item.


Do I need to sign a contract?

You’ll receive our agreement through email, indicating the items that you ordered, the length of your rental period and the prices of each of them. We kindly ask you to review and sign it prior to the delivery date. You'll also be asked to verify the condition of your items upon delivery with a signature.

When will my card be charged each month?

Your credit or debit card will be charged for the first month upon checkout. Your plan starts on the day of delivery and you'll be charged monthly moving forward. For example, if you placed your order on the 1st, and we delivered on the 5th, "Month 1" charge will go through on the 1st (upon placing an order), and "Month 2" will be charged on the 5th of the next month (and each 5th day of the month thereafter). This ensures that you are not paying for furniture until you actually have the items in your home!