circular approach

The Circle of giotto

Circularity is the path we decided to take at Giotto to fight furniture waste.


It all starts by the products. We select items that are built to last, simple to assemble and disassemble. And as we want to limit our environmental footprint, we only use European manufacturers.

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The Model

Circular economy is often expressed through the 4R credo. 

Here is how we implement it at Giotto:


We offer a timeless, functional and minimalist product selection. Serving your daily needs. We source solely from European manufacturing plants (France, Germany, Belgium, UK, Italy ) and order only on demand.


We make sure our products can be repaired, either refurbished with the help of our local partners or fixed and replaced thanks to the availability of spare parts from the original suppliers. We inspect, clean and repair between every customers.


When you rent with Giotto, you give our products a new life. Your furniture may be looking brand new but it is likely that it had a couple of lives before this one. Ask for a funny story about the previous owner.


When a product can no longer be refurbished, we recycle it.We expect our products to last a minimum of 5 years.

This is how we do it today. But we would like to go further. By designing and producing our own product lines, locally and on demand. By using reclaimed and recycled materials.

The Logistic Infrastructure

A strong logistic infrastructure is needed to close the circle. By using asset management tracking we know exactly what has happened on every of our products. As our furniture moves frequently between houses and between repair partners, we ensure that every item has received the right level of care and therefore is always at the same level of quality.

It also allows us to optimise inventory in order not to overstock and order new furniture only when it is needed. We expect to be able to gather valuable information about our product life cycle. Allowing us to optimise our product selection and improve our knowledge on product care.