Circular Approach

The Facts

The furniture industry is one of the most polluting industries of the world, and furniture is one of the least recycled items.

4% of municipal waste is furniture in the EU.

11 million tons of furniture are thrown away yearly in the EU.

90% is not recycled in the EU.

Our Promise

At Giotto, we strive to reduce the impact of furniture on our planet. To do so, we have made some promises.

We partner with the best.

The Giotto Family is composed only of European furniture manufacturers with the highest production standards, the most sustainable production approaches, and the best timeless design.

In cradle to cradle we trust.

And we choose only items made to last, with high quality materials, easy to (dis)assamble, flat-packed and with availability of spare parts.

Yes we can.

In the Giotto Ateliers, we inspect, sanitize, repair and refinish your used items to make them available again to other Giotto lovers.

We aim to go fully circular.

Despite the simplicity of its line, the perfection is hard to draw. At the moment, we are still far from being 100% fully circular. If you share our values and you want to take part to our mission, come sit with us.

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