Monochrome Desk

€28/month €668

Giotto handles the delivery and set-up at your place for free. You just need choose your preferred delivery date and time-slot. Let us know which floor you live on, if you have an elevator and eventually show us your favourite spot for your new home office. 

Grown attached? Buy it! Just pay the difference between the total value and what you’ve paid so far. You'll never pay more than retail price.

After 24 months, you have paid the retail price of the items and if you want to keep them, you can do it without paying extra.

At Giotto, we promote a smarter and more sustainable consumption. Even if you buy our items, we still offer an 'after-love' service. If you don't need the items anymore, you can return them too.

The Monochrome desk of Tiptoe is perfect for everyone who wants a joyful and modern workspace at their home. It is easy and quick to (dis)assemble, perfect if you want to free up space during the weekends!

Add the drawer system if you would like some extra storage. 

Tiptoe is known for their well-designed, well-made and built-to-last furniture. That's why we love them and you will too.

Prices are shown per month.

Dimensions: 120cm x 60cm (big enough for extra monitor) and 75cm height

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