Monitor Arm

Herman Miller

Flo Monitor Arm

€9,40/month €225

Flexible Subscription:

You can cancel your subscription anytime with one month prior notice.

Loyal Subscription:

Minimum 6 months subscription. Cancel with one month prior notice.

Giotto handles the delivery and set-up at your place for free. You just need choose your preferred delivery date and time-slot. Let us know which floor you live on, if you have an elevator and eventually show us your favourite spot for your new home office. 

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At Giotto, we promote a smarter and more sustainable consumption. Even if you buy our items, we still offer an 'after-love' service. If you don't need the items anymore, you can return them too.

The fluid, dynamic movement of Flo monitor arm of Herman Miller lets you adjust the position of one screen with minimum effort and maximum precision—then keep the screen exactly where you need it without taking the time to tighten it. Patented technology gives you a large range of motion and quick, intuitive fingertip control, offering the perfect position to support everyone’s eyes, even people with progressive lenses.

Supports up to 9kg. 

Prices are shown per month.

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